Kitty Felt Pin Board
Kitty Felt Pin Board
Kitty Felt Pin Board

Kitty Felt Pin Board

Proudly display your pin collection on cute kitty felt pin boards! As an alternative to cork, felt pin boards can be displayed on the wall, or propped up on a table or desktop.


How to display on the wall:

1. Select the wall you wish to attach the felt boards on, and wipe away dust and other dirt on the surface with a dry cloth.

2. Carefully peel the protective liner away from the adhesive side on the felt.

The liner can be tricky to peel away from the adhesive. Try applying pressure to the outer edge of the felt board. This allows the adhesive to better stick to the felt and separates from the liner easier.

3. Mark the position of each board with a pencil while planning a layout.

4. Press felt board firmly against wall to make sure it sticks.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for painted walls, as paint can chip/peel upon removal.